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EKO Music Group SpA

OPERA was presented for the first time at IFA Berlin 2010.

Today it is increasingly present in the fairs and stores worldwide dealing with hi-fi, installation and decoration.

The brand OPERA, known worldwide for the production of TV Stands and Wallmounts for home audio and video, was taken over by EKO MUSIC GROUP SPA in 2007.

OPERA TV stands are the result of the work of a team of Italian designers; therefore, all products with the exception of the low cost “Eco Line” are conceived and designed in Italy, thus embodying the essence of aesthetic and functional in the best tradition of “Made in Italy" products.

The brand was re-launched on the market with a catalog that includes wall mounts in aluminum and steel, and a series of TV stands for LED TVs and plasma in glass and steel.

In 2011, the first new products were added; wall mounts cast alloy and a new line of tables with colored glass.

Its distribution is worldwide, and is spread especially in North America, South America and Europe.

Экспозиция: Аудио-видео
Зал: 8
Стенд: 8-319