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MAXTEK Go-Go Co.,Ltd.

MAXTEK GO-GO CO. LTD, a sister company of Ta Lai Sporting Goods Ent. Co. Ltd, was established since 2002. Ta Lai company has thirty-two years history in Taiwan. With this powerful background, Maxtek Go-Go company has branched out into family medical supplies and high-tech textile. So far, Maxtek Go-Go has developed related product in five categories including health care (MAXPAL), conductive(MAXTOUCH), anti electromagnetic radiation (MAXSAFE), antistatic (MAXFREE) and abrasions resistant (MAXGO). We believe that these high-tech products will bring tremendous opportunities in future market. Additionally, most new products have applied multinational patents. Regarding enhancement of independent innovation capability of our adjusted products, our goal is to contribute to society. We will start adjusting human life style, and we believe our products will bring healthier and better quality for our lives.

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