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KUMTEL, has started its activity in 1970 at Kayseri/TURKEY. Since this time we have being specialized in the manufacture of different appliances such as ovens, electric heaters, cookers, hotplates, barbecues. We could manufacture the production under the KUMTEL or LUXELL brand even also under Original Equipment Manufacturer’s brands.

Actually we have more than 1600 employees and we have the capacity to answer easily and quickly to the demands of our customers.

We work with more than 85 countries located in different continents. Germania, Algeria, Australia, Russia, Saoudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, İtaly, England, France, Greece and Tunisia are our primary destination.

We have already links in these countries but our policy is to extend these markets. That is why, we could work with all firms acting in these businesses.

İf you need any information about our firm and about our products , fell free to contact us for more details.
Торговые марки: Kumtel & Luxell

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