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Kisomo Innovation Corporation

Easy to use, which assumes the protection of the iPhone, another cases are different to everyone, unique and not only get to represent the style of their own, can get changed in case a variety of iPhone in the feeling of the day is, to be varied and fashionable accessories will be available.

Kisomo ipid is our main product will be available to customers in the iPad. Basic design was made using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and materials, does not impair the style of the original iPod while incorporating the technical image. Customers to further emphasize the texture of life, and fusion of iPad kisomo brand, and the items that will be attention regardless of the time for business or private ipid, will deliver aesthetics and cover a lot of other different.

Торговые марки: Kisomo

Экспозиция: Аудио-видео
Зал: 8
Стенд: 8-i15