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Avision Europe GmbH

Founded in 1991, Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of high-performance office equipment. After years of dedication in the field, Avision has become a world-leading manufacturer of workgroup and departmental document input devices.

Avision's office equipment includes document scanners and the MFP series. The document scanners offer throughput from 15 PPM to 70 PPM or 140 IPM and support document size up to A3. The MFP series integrate scan to e-mail, scan to fax, and digital copy capabilities into one single unit.

Since 2010, Avision has unveiled a series of compact, and mobile scanning devices to address the fast growing need for on-the-go scanning solution. With the Avision's MiWand 2, document can be digitized by simply gliding the scanner over a page and the imaged is saved into a memory card. By attaching a feeder dock, the MiWand 2 Pro enables automatic sheet-fed scan as long as paper is inserted.

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