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Shenzhen Renqing Tecnology Co., Ltd

ROCK is the meaning of "rock"". All along, the "high quality and reasonable price" is the basic idea of ROCK products. Strong - it is born shoulder to shoulder the mission of "protection", high quality to ensure its ability to withstand the impact of external shocks. Just like our life, every day to work under pressure, social pressure but still unyielding. Ordinary reasonable price represents ROCK, reasonable but not artificial, real value. With the rapid spread of Internet word of mouth, the concept of high quality and reasonable price has been confirmed in line with the current rapid development of the times. This cheap, high quality, no fancy products and their way of life advocated widely supported by consumers.
Торговые марки: Mobile & Digital, ROCK

Экспозиция: Mobile & Digital
Зал: 18
Стенд: C-15