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Sograce Electronics Co.,Ltd

Sograce Electronics Co.,Ltd. located in shenzhen, China, is specialized in manufacturing smart bracelet,smart watch and smart wearable products.
Our production lines covers an area of over 5000 square meters.Withmonthly output of exceeding 600,000 pieces fitness trackers and smart products,we have successfully serviced customers to various parts of the world,such as: North America,South America,Europe,India,Asia Pacific etc.
We have more than 300 staffs, excellent engineers and technical personnel to support the one stop service.What is more,Sograce accompanies with the mature management and service,striving to develop and produce the high quality and competitive products.
Our purpose is to producre the most effective products to hit customers' requirements. All our consideration is built on customer's benefits.Warmly Welcome to visit our factory and cooperate with us.
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Экспозиция: Mobile & Digital
Зал: 18
Стенд: C-27