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Amaryllo International B.V.

Founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Amaryllo is the worldwide pioneer in home security robotics. Amaryllo designs, markets, and sells advanced auto-tracking robots that can hear, sense, track, and detect intruder faces. With embedded powerful multi-core CPUs, Amaryllo robots auto-track intruders 360 degrees and dispatch real-time Face Alerts to consumers anywhere, anytime. Over 50 patents have been filed worldwide resulting from recent robotics research.

Amaryllo is recognized by Gartner, world's leading information technology research investment company, as one of their top picks for "Cool Vendors" in 2014. Company is the consecutive winner of the 2015 , 2016 & 2017 CES Innovation Awards and is the recipient of the 2015 WebRTC World Product of the Year Award.
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