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Ineng Technology Co., Ltd

Since the company was set up in March, 2008, she has been rooted in the IT industry, As a scientific and technological enterprise, Ineng has focus on research, development, design, production and sales of the computer parts and USB digital related products, (including U disk, power charger, Jump Starter, etc). Build an advanced and modernized standard workshop with more than 1500 square meters, a high level engineer, state-of-the-art machinery (for example, SMT machine,

laser printing machine, offset printing machine, silkscreen print machine). From the raw material-production-packing, in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 system strictly operation, all products must pass QC department strict testing. Ensure the products are 100% qualified in customer's hand. Dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing, after-sale one-stop complete chain services.

Экспозиция: Mobile & Digital
Зал: 15
Стенд: C-02